IV QUEEN + THe cure iv

Our Story

The Cure IV first made their debut to Los Angeles in 2014 by providing mobile IV services. Originally titled, The Cure LA, the company quickly grew into popularity with their efficient service, positively impressionable staff, and their intention to provide their clients with the highest level of customer service.

The decision to expand the company to San Francisco required a name change from The Cure LA to The Cure IV.

“My friend, Annie, was working as an RN with The Cure IV in LA and she is the one who told me about the company,” Crystal explains.

Annie and Crystal are both ER nurses from Chicago and knew each other through mutual friends.

“Annie moved to California a few years before I did and we had meet through mutual friends. It turns out we shared a lot in common and we hit it off! It was Annie who had told me about the company expanding to San Francisco and she knew it would be a perfect fit.”




“At the time, I was working full-time at Stanford and completing my final year of my Masters in Nursing for Nurse Practitioner. I was not looking for another job, but I truly felt like I had just become a new member of a family of fantastic individuals. Everyone had the same level of patient commitment and wanted to provide the absolute best service.”

“Immediately, I felt this familiar bond with everyone. And having all my family still back home in Chicago, it was a feeling I really missed.”


Fast Forward Two Years

The Cure IV has rapidly grown since they serviced their first client in San Francisco, who was treated by Crystal RN (at the time). A few months into working with the company, Crystal voiced her desire to educate healthcare providers on IV insertion to the company.

 In October 2018, Crystal completed her MSN, FNP and is now The Cure IV’s Nurse Practitioner for the San Francisco and Bay Area. The company recently opened a clinic in Union Square to meet the growing demand.

“I noticed a lot of clients who lived further from the city desired our services and we weren’t always able to travel that distance to them. By opening up the clinic, these clients can now come to us and get these amazing services too,” Crystal explains.