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It can be so frustrating to feel like you’re missing out on how to insert IVs. Oftentimes, nursing schools promise that “you’ll learn on the job.” But when you finally get to the job, you’re asked “they didn’t teach you this in nursing school?”

As a seasoned nurse and now nurse practitioner, I have extensive experience in all things related to IVs. I have placed over 25,000 IVs throughout my career and I am passionate about educating healthcare professionals on how to master IV insertion.


When I was a new graduate nurse, I felt totally  unprepared when it came to IV insertion. My school prepared nursing students by allowing us to practice on mannequins for a few hours. And while this was helpful, it did not make me feel anymore comfortable when I finally had to face real patients in an emergency room setting.

It took a lot of self-learning and personal experience to get to the level I am today. I want to help accelerate your IV journey by giving you all my tips, tricks, and advice right off the bat. I believe every nurse deserves the opportunity to master IV insertion and taking this course is the first step at getting you there. Whether you are a nursing student, new grad, medic, provider, or experienced RN there is always opportunity to further your knowledge when it comes to IVs.

What others are saying

I was scared at first but

“So I don’t want to jinx myself but I took your workshop at the end of June and Monday I was back in pre-op and I was scared about having another difficult day. I went back to my locker and got the tourniquet you sent in the IV training kit and started doing double tourniquets, bed high, arm hanging and I successfully started all my IVs that day. I felt like IV Wonder Woman! Definitely using double tourniquets from now On! Thank you! Thank you! “

Amy G

Crystal! What you said was so true!

“After your workshop I have more confidence in inserting IVs like I knew the basics but after your workshop idk why but like a lightbulb went off and mind blown. I can’t thank you enough!”

Kelly (Nursing Student)

I Appreciated Your Class

” Because it was the first time someone could actually verbalize and articulate WHAT to do and WHY. I feel that it has also helped me explain things when I teach students or new hires On IV insertions or blood draws. Because in nursing school, the instructors usually say something like ‘hit the vein good luck’ or ‘your nurse buddy or preceptor will teach you.”

Valerie E

Got A Beautiful IV

“On the back of a patients forearm yesterday On the first poke, I was very proud. Thank you for all your posts and your class as they really helped me become more confident and patient with my IV starts, went from barely wanting to try, to taking every opportunity to start one!”


Courses that provide you with tips, tricks and tools to increase your IV success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Online IV Course?
The Online IV Course is an accredited, live, and interactive webinar that offers participants up to 6.5 contact hours of continuing education. Our expert instructors provide real-time lessons on peripheral IV education. This virtual course is available to all healthcare professionals across the world. Together, learning experiences are shared, demonstrated, and discussed.

Learning topics include:
+ IV safety and precautions
+ Advanced venous system anatomy
+ Pre-insertion steps
+ Step-by-step insertion
+ How to confirm a vein from something else
+ Hypovolemia
+ Obesity
+ Elderly patients
+ Chemotherapy and patients with cancer
+ Case studies
+ Group discussions
+ Critical thinking activities
+ Live Q&As

How can I prepare for the IV Course?

Online IV Course

First, participants are required to complete all forms, including the safety check off, pre-course evaluation, and consent forms. Additionally, participants are given the Post-Lecture Exam questions, learning objectives, and course materials prior to the course date to review ahead of time. Links to informational videos by Intravenous Queen are shared and it is expected that participants review all videos prior to the Online IV Course.

Hands-On IV Course

After satisfactorily completing the Online IV Course, the Hands-On IV Course allows for practice and further skill advancement. To best prepare for the Hands-On IV Course, it is recommended that you arrive at your scheduled time adequately rested from the night before, nourished with a healthy balanced diet, and hydrated. Participants will be given their scheduled time for their course 1-2 weeks prior to the course date. If a specific time is needed, please reach out to info@intravenousqueen.com as soon as possible so we can do our best to make the appropriate accommodations. 

Participants are expected to practice tourniquet placement prior to attending the Hands-On Course. We recommend that you practice daily until you are able to effectively tie a tourniquet that does not cause the patient discomfort from twisting. Additionally, we encourage participants to review the Return Demonstration rubric and bring any questions with them the day of the course. All supplies, including catheters, will be provided to you the day of the Hands-On IV Course.

What is included in the Hands-On IV Course?
The Hands-On IV Course is an accredited, in-person, hands-on course that offers participants up to 11 contact hours of continuing education (an additional 4.5 contact hours compared to Online IV Course’s 6.5 contact hours). Enrollment for the Hands-On IV Course includes your enrollment in an Online IV Course. The completion of an Online IV Course by Intravenous Queen is a prerequisite to the Hands-On IV Course. 

Learning topics for the Hands-On IV Course include:

+ IV safety and precautions
+ Device preparation and handling
+ Supply checklist
+ Patient preparation
+ Vein choice and decisions
+ Step-by-step insertion
+ Tips and tricks for variety of chronic diseases
+ Hand maneuvers
+ Hands-on practice 
+ Peripheral IV removal 
+ Case study topics
+ Class discussions
+ Live Q&As

What can I expect at a Hands-On IV Course?

Our expert instructors spend individual time with participants during the 3 hour Hands-On IV Course. Instructors provide feedback to participants and offer suggestions on improvement in a safe, non-judgemental environment. The instructor spends time in smaller groups and there is time for Q&A and discussions. During the Hands-On practicum,  a return Demonstration rubric is graded by instructors on each participant’s peripheral IV insertion. This rubric is provided to all participants in advance to study and learn in preparation for the course.  All supplies, including catheters, will be provided to you the day of the Hands-On IV Course.

Do I automatically get contact hours for enrolling in the Online IV Course or the Hands-On IV Course?

Participants are eligible for up to 6.5 contact hours for the completion of the Online IV Course. Participants that enroll in the Hands-On IV Course are eligible for an additional 4.5 contact hours for a total of 11 contact hours.

Eligibility is given to participants who remain actively engaged in the course discussions during the Online IV Course and to participants who pass the Post-Lecture Exam with a score of 80% or higher.

Participants who enroll in the Hands-On IV Course are eligible for additional contact hours once the Return Demonstration is passed satisfactorily. The Return Demonstration rubric is provided to participants prior to the Hands-On IV Course to study and review the materials.

Who should invest in the IV courses?

Our IV Courses are created for nurses and other healthcare professionals such as nursing students, doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medics, radiology technicians, etc. Our courses are for any healthcare professional who desires to learn more about peripheral IV insertions so they can feel better prepared.

Why should I invest in the IV courses?

Our courses are meant to empower as they have been designed with the learner in mind. The Online IV Course first starts by breaking down the catheter’s anatomy and venous system. This foundation of knowledge is critical to increasing your confidence during IV insertion. Next, the Online IV Course provides you with expert advice on how to successfully place a peripheral IV catheter into any patient’s extremity. The topics discussed are to increase your awareness on how certain medical conditions affect the venous system. The knowledge gained from the Online IV Course will be used throughout your medical career and your patients will be thankful for your expertise. The Hands-On IV Course is designed to take everything taught from the Online IV Course and put it to use with expert instructors at your side to guide you through peripheral IV insertions. Techniques, tips, and tricks are provided to participants and our hands-on learning has been the most impactful.

What precautions are being taken with COVID-19 for the Hands-On Courses?

Intravenous Queen is continuously making strides to keep everyone safe. Questionnaires are sent to all participants the day before all Hands-On IV Courses to assess for symptoms and recent exposures. 

Additionally, class sizes are kept small (4-6 participants) and all participants must wear an N95 mask during their course. Social distancing during Q&As and class discussions, continuous hand sanitizer use, and routine disinfection of all work areas are all implemented at every Hands-On IV Course.

Our top priority is safety. We are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of all persons attending a course. All participants who have not yet received both doses of the Coronavirus vaccine must comply with wearing an N95 mask throughout their Hands-On IV Course time. Participants must have received their second dose of the Coronavirus vaccine 10 days or longer to be excluded from the mandated N95 mask policy. Vaccine documentation may be submitted to crystal@intravenousqueen.com.

Steps we’re taking to keep you safe

Small Course Sizes

The safety and wellbeing of our participants are our top priorities. At this time, all in-person/hands-on courses allow up to five participants at once. Additionally, the smaller course sizes allow for more individualized time with our instructors.

Symptom Checking

The day before all in-person/hands-on courses, all participants must complete a symptom and risk assessment questionnaire. All questionnaires are reviewed and approved prior to attending the course. Individuals who are not approved to attend are offered full credit to a future course.

Virtual Courses

The lecture content of all courses have been made available virtually. Intravenous Queen provides interactive webinars using Zoom. Online activities include answering polls, group activities, critical thinking activities, and class discussions. Courses are formatted to keep individuals engaged and having fun while learning.

PPE Provided

All in-person/hands-on courses require participants to wear an N95 mask during the entire duration of the course. If you do not have an N95, one may be provided to you.

Newbie turned pro:

+ Understand the anatomy, functionality, and safety of catheter devices
+ Get comfortable with hand positioning and maneuvers that make the IV insertion process easier
+ Feel confident using yourself as the best tool, you are “the vein finder”
+ Receive mentorship from Crystal and her team by participating in virtual and in-person alumni events and content refreshers