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Online and Hands On IV Courses 2024

Accredited Courses That Offer Participants Up To 11.5 Hours of Continuing Education.

Accredited Courses

Intravenous Queen’s online and hands-on courses are accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission (ANCC) and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Additionally, online and hands-on courses offer contact hours for continuing education to participants upon the completion of the course and it’s materials.


Our instructors understand that in order for participants to achieve competency in their IV skills, we must prioritize anatomical learning and provide participants with case studies to promote critical thinking. True confidence in one’s IV skills is developed from knowledge competency.


Courses begin with providing in depth learning of needle safety, device functionality, and advanced human anatomy education within the vascular system. This knowledge creates the strong foundation required for mastering peripheral IV insertions for all patient populations. 


Instructors provide participants with constructive feedback for improvement and remain accessible post course. Our commitment to participants includes continued mentorship and communication.


Learn how to perform effective hand maneuvers and master positioning techniques. Our instructors help identify your improvement areas and provide effective solutions to quickly improve your skills. Evidence-based data and expert knowledge within the course synergistically increases participant’s skills.


A major positive impact that participants receive from our courses is the lasting effect it has on all their future patients. Many participants will notice that patients will begin to specifically ask for them to start their IV. They become the go-to person. They will continue to make a lasting impression on their patients.


Courses measure the performance of all participants using various tools such as post-course exams or quizzes, return demonstration rubrics, and more. Participants receive the exams, quizzes, rubrics, etc. prior to the course date.


We continue to see a high measure in the success of our courses because participants report that they feel more confident and more prepared than before taking the course. Often participants report back to us that they have become one of the go-to’s in their department. And we are proud of their success.

What others are saying

I was scared at first but

“So I don’t want to jinx myself but I took your workshop at the end of June and Monday I was back in pre-op and I was scared about having another difficult day. I went back to my locker and got the tourniquet you sent in the IV training kit and started doing double tourniquets, bed high, arm hanging and I successfully started all my IVs that day. I felt like IV Wonder Woman! Definitely using double tourniquets from now On! Thank you! Thank you! “

Amy G

Crystal! What you said was so true!

“After your workshop I have more confidence in inserting IVs like I knew the basics but after your workshop idk why but like a lightbulb went off and mind blown. I can’t thank you enough!”

Kelly (Nursing Student)

I Appreciated Your Class

” Because it was the first time someone could actually verbalize and articulate WHAT to do and WHY. I feel that it has also helped me explain things when I teach students or new hires On IV insertions or blood draws. Because in nursing school, the instructors usually say something like ‘hit the vein good luck’ or ‘your nurse buddy or preceptor will teach you.”

Valerie E

Got A Beautiful IV

“On the back of a patients forearm yesterday On the first poke, I was very proud. Thank you for all your posts and your class as they really helped me become more confident and patient with my IV starts, went from barely wanting to try, to taking every opportunity to start one!”


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Steps we’re taking to keep you safe

Small Course Sizes

The safety and wellbeing of our participants are our top priorities. At this time, all in-person/hands-on courses allow up to five participants at once. Additionally, the smaller course sizes allow for more individualized time with our instructors.

Symptom Checking

The day before all in-person/hands-on courses, all participants must complete a symptom and risk assessment questionnaire. All questionnaires are reviewed and approved prior to attending the course. Individuals who are not approved to attend are offered full credit to a future course.

Virtual Courses

The lecture content of all courses have been made available virtually. Intravenous Queen provides interactive webinars using Zoom. Online activities include answering polls, group activities, critical thinking activities, and class discussions. Courses are formatted to keep individuals engaged and having fun while learning.

PPE Provided

All in-person/hands-on courses require participants to wear an N95 mask during the entire duration of the course. If you do not have an N95, one may be provided to you.